City Of Brainerd Update Snow Emergency Regulations

BRAINERD-The city of Brainerd is notifying residents of updates to snowplowing regulations in place for the coming winter.
City code 1315, pertaining to street cleaning and snow removal, includes snow emergency routes and outlines for calling a snow emergency.
When a snow emergency is declared, it triggers a 48-hour ban for parking on snow emergency routes. This provides city staff enough time to plow and scrape streets and spread salt and chemicals on the streets.
When a snow emergency is declared, crews are deployed to clean the streets from curb to curb of the snowfall. Snow emergency routes include Laurel Street, College Drive, Willow Street, Wright Street, Buffalo Hills Lane, Oak Street, Jackson Street, H Street, League Avenue and portions of Eighth Street and Fifth Street. Vehicles parked on these streets during the snow emergency will be ticketed and towed after 48 hours.
The declaration of a snow emergency is at the discretion of the city engineer. The declaration will be done using local radio, newspaper and social media. Typically, the city engineer has declared snow emergencies when accumulations exceed 4 inches, however, discretion will be used to protect health and safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
On the first day of the snow emergency, streets running north and south will be plowed, which will mean parking is only allowed on streets running east and west. Also on the first day, parking will be banned on streets south of Wright Street and west of the Mississippi River. All streets west of the Mississippi River and south of Willow Street will be plowed on the first day.
On the second day, streets running east and west will be plowed, which means cars will have to be parked on streets running north and south. This could also mean all other streets that were not plowed curb to curb on day one. This means residents will be expected to park on the streets that run north and south that were plowed day one, or denoted in blue on the maps. Residents may also have to find off-street parking locations if an east/west street is not available. The snow emergency routes parking ban remains in place on the second day.
The downtown special services district is plowed by a contractor, not city employees. This area is bound by railroad tracks on the north, Maple Street on the south, South Sixth Street on the west and South Eighth Street in the east. When a snow emergency is declared, parking is banned in the area bound by these locations from 3-9 a.m., or until the snow has been completely removed by the contractor's forces from the streets and sidewalks.
When a snow emergency is declared, parking will be restricted or banned for the periods and on streets as listed above. The city will continue to try to clean all the city streets in one day, as it has in the past, however, by getting vehicles off certain streets on day one and day two, this allows the city to plow all the streets from curb to curb over two days.
If a vehicle is parked on a snow emergency route or within the downtown special services district and plowed around during a snow emergency, it will be automatically ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.
If a vehicle is parked on any other street when parking is restricted on the street on day one or day two, the vehicle will receive a ticket. If the vehicle is not moved within 48 hours of the ticket, it will be towed at the owner's expense.
Getting the snow plowed off the street immediately after a snow event allows city forces to apply sand and salt immediately. If the city can clean the streets in this manner, then the street will melt and dry much faster which makes traversing the streets much safer for all users.
Visit www.ci.brainerd.mn.us/182/Snow-Emergencies for more information or to see maps of snow emergency routes. Visit www.ci.brainerd.mn.us/list.aspx to sign up for text message or email alerts from the city. Residents can also visit the city's Facebook page for updates.