Minnesota State High School League Issues Amendments For Shortened Spring Season

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) held a meeting Wednesday morning to discuss the condensed 2018 baseball and softball seasons, making temporary amends for this season. Per their release, sent to Activities Directors across the state:

Length of baseball or softball games are able to be amended as follows:

-By mutual agreement of the schools, two member schools may agree to play two 5 inning games in a doubleheader ormat, or as currently available, doubleheaders may be played with the first game lasting 7 innings and the second game lasting 5 innings or until a "regulation game" is completed.

-Single games must still be played under the NFHS rules requiring 7-inning games or until a "regulation game" is completed.

You can find the rest of the release from the MSHSL here. As the high school sports broadcast season comes, we'll keep you updated with our Sports Schedule here on rjbroadcasting.com.