Aitkin County TZD April Meeting Notes

The April meeting of The Aitkin Country Towards Zero Death program was held on April 11th. The meeting began with a look at the roundabout in Aitkin where no major incidents have been reported, the 2018 driving fatalities as of Wednesday morning was 68, down compared to 75 the same time last year. The upcoming mock crash in Hill City scheduled for April 18th has been canceled due to insurance requirements from the city, The mock crash will try to be rescheduled and done on Hill City school property when the renovations are complete. The current enforcement wave is focused on distracted driving, with the next enforcement wave will be focused on DWI and will happen around the fishing opener. Towards the end of the meeting a motion was brought up to consider Aitkin County Towards Zero Death adopting a highway, possibly looking into working with area schools and others in the community to help with the project, the idea is being looked into.