Pequot Sign Ordinance Passes, Sign Expected up Within Month

After a long City Council meeting Tuesday, Pequot Lakes Mayor Nancy Adams was able to catch up with us. We went right into the business of the meeting


There’s one major point that the auditor brings up every year:


The Council moved on to the sign ordinance.


The Chamber is collecting money for that from businesses and the community. Now that the ordinance is passed, Mayor Adams thinks the sign should go up within the next thirty days. Any questions about that can be directed to Chris Monroe of the Chamber, or Nancy Malecha of the City.

As people are driving along 371, past Lonesome Cottage, they see see a building going up with sticks. That is the City’s new maintenance facility.


There was an update on the Trailside Park-traffic and studies



In other news, the City tried to update the liquor license, with that failing. 

Mayor Adams told us about her appreciation for the Rotary, planting 75 new trees at Mayo Lake Park 2 weeks ago.

Also, there’s some regular fun coming up in town in the upcoming Saturdays.


With the celebration around the 4th of July next month, the Pequot Lakes City Council meeting in July will take place on Monday the 9th.