Pequot Lakes City Council Discusses Budget, Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Following Tuesday’s City Council meeting, we had the chance to talk to Pequot Lakes Mayor Nancy Adams. She discussed passing budgets and the taxes.


Mayor Adams also explained property evaluation and what the city does tax-wise.


Mayor Adams also talked about a Short-Term rental ordinance.


The City Code limits the rental of property to no more than four leases per year. The City Attorney determined this is not enforceable. After receiving numerous complaints of people renting their property more frequently, the Planning Commission developed this Short-Term Rental Ordinance…

Rather than prohibiting the short-term rentals by VRBO, Airbnb, etc. property owners could receive a permit to rent their property up to 4 times between May 20 and September 10. There would be unlimited rentals between September 11 and May 19. The City Attorney has reviewed the attached Short-term Rental Ordinance and the Planning Commission unanimously recommends its adoption.


Some highlights:

1. The maximum rental period shall not be more than thirty( 30) days.

2. The maximum occupancy shall be two (2) people per bedroom.

3. Properties shall not be rented for more than four( 4) rental periods between May 20' and September 10' each calendar year.

4. Properties may not be rented to more than one party in any seven( 7) day period.

5. Additional occupancy by use of recreational vehicles, tents, accessory structures, garages, boathouses, pole barns, sheds, fish houses, or similar structure is not permitted.

6. The dwelling unit must meet Minnesota.Residential Building Code requirements regarding fire egress from all bedrooms/ sleeping areas and detector/alarm systems.

7. The applicant shall provide one( 1) off-street parking space per bedroom rented with a maximum number of vehicles equal to the number of bedrooms in the dwelling. No onstreet parking is allowed for guests.

8. Parking areas must meet the side yard setback for the zoning classification of the subject property.

9. The owner shall keep a report detailing use of the home by recording the full name, address, phone number and vehicle permit number of adult guests using the property. A copy of the report shall be provided to the City upon request.


Mayor Adams recapped the Rasmussen Road Open House and how those who weren’t able to attend can see the preliminary plans.


And Mayor Adams left with some well-wishes.


And we thank Mayor Adams for her time as always.