MnDOT: Water on roads creates driving hazards in central Minnesota

BAXTER, Minn. – (1:45 p.m.) The Minnesota Department of Transportation advises motorists to expect water on roads throughout central Minnesota as a combination of historic snowfall, heavy rain and ice plugging storm drains or culverts causes water to back up onto highways. Motorists must watch for flooded areas, as water can rise onto the road quickly.

In many areas, ditches are filled with snow and water, and the roadway shoulders have high banks of snow. MnDOT crews have already been working to clear drains, push back snowbanks and will continue working with law enforcement to monitor conditions.

Water is currently covering or partially covering driving lanes in the following central Minnesota locations:

MnDOT reminds all motorists that driving through standing or moving water is dangerous, and it is unlawful to drive through areas where roads are barricaded. Vehicles can be swept away in only several inches of moving water.