Disabled Veteran Walking Through Minnesota For Wounded Warrior Project

Midday yesterday, we caught up with a man on a long walk for a cause.


All joking aside, 61-year-old disabled veteran Jerry Meadows discussed why he started walking from Bemidji March 14th to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.


The Wounded Warrior Project is a national nonpartisan organization that connects, serves, and empowers wounded veterans of the military actions after September 11, 2001.

The Wahpeton, North Dakota native mentioned it checks one other thing off his list as well.


Meadows plans on being out another two to three weeks before it’s all said and done, he said, as the plan is to head down to St. Cloud. We asked how his travels go, and how far he can walk in a day.


Again, keeping it not about himself, at night, Meadows and his wife Virginia Miller do not feel right about spending money they could put toward the cause toward a motel. Nights find the couple parked in their Jeep for some needed rest. In the daylight hours, you can find him, though.


He noted one thing common of people of all walks of life that see him on his journey…


Fundraising, with the goal of $5,000 was discussed as well, with what people can do to help; any amount is appreciated.


You can find the donation website here, or if you see them out there, stop by.


Jerry will be making his way down to St. Cloud, hoping to reach his destination by around or just after April 14th. Consider making the donation or just wave as he makes his way down 371.