DNR Wildfire Warning

According to the DNR, despite having a very wet spring the is still a lot of potential for wildfires in Minnesota. Casey McCoy, DNR's fire prevention officer, says until foliage greens up more, folks should not burn debris piles.


Escaped debris fires cause four out of ten wildfires in Minnesota each year. The DNR has already issued burn restrictions in 44 counties across the state and you can see that list on their website, www.dnr.state.mn.us/forestry/fire/firerating_restrictions.

If folks are planning to have a campfire this spring, make sure you are following Smokey the Bears safety rules.

-Keep flammable material 3 feet away from the fire.

-Attend to the campfire at all times.

-Have a handy source of water ready.

-Stir the ashes and make certain the campfire is completely out before leaving.