Aitkin County Board approves applying for DNR's Legacy Grant

The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners met for the first time in the month of September Tuesday morning at the Aitkin Public Library. On the agenda included a resolution for a Conservation Partners Legacy Grant presented to the Board by Land Commissioner Rich Courtemanche.

The Grant, through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, will be used to purchase two properties that are landlocked in forestry management zones in Aitkin County. Commissioner Courtemanche explained to the Board the reasoning behind applying for the grant. 


Courtemanche highlighted the background of the land before the current owners that led the deterioration of access.


The cost of purchasing the land with the grant would cover the land fee title which could then in-turn be sold at a later date, if the County chooses to.


The Aitkin County Board voted unanimously to approve with moving forward for applying for the Conservation Legacy Grant. If approved by the DNR, Aitkin County would enter agreement to purchase the land to better improve the forest management zones. The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners next meets on Tuesday, September 24th at the Aitkin Public Library.