MPCA concludes enforcement in second half of 2019

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency released Tuesday the conclusions to their enforcement cases in the second half of 2019. In total, 109 cases took several months of investigation and violators were issued final enforcement documents with penalties. From July to December 2019, penalties were calculated based on harm done to the environment, economic benefit the company gained by failing to comply with environmental rules and laws, or how responsive and cooperative a regulated party was in correcting problems.

Some penalties reached in excess of $50,000 while some received warnings of the air quality harm caused. Anthony Kangas of Kangas Enterprise, Inc of McGregor was fined $5,860 for subsurface sewage treatment systems which included improper handling and land application of septage, improper record keeping, and inadequate staff training and supervision. 

Floe Craft, LLC of McGregor was fined $3,600 for their hazardous waste, Mann Lake LTD of Hackensack were fined a total of $2,422 for hazardous waste, and Assured Septics, LCC and Jeffrey Gaslin were issued a $1,935 citation for subsurface sewage treatment systems.

The MPCA will continue to provide assistance, support, and information the tools necessary to bring any company, individual, or local government back into compliance.