Aitkin Public School Board approves Secure Entry

Another step closer towards the Secure Entry remodel was made at the Aitkin Public School Board meeting Monday night. The Board did approve the resignation of Angela Sahr from payroll and the Custodians contract for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Superintendent Dan Stifter chatted with us on the recent grant money received and the Board’s decision to move forward.


The Secure Entry will be the focus for construction among other projects.


The West Wing will also be looked at for potential remodel.


District Technology Coordinator Jason Roos and Media Center Technologist Darla Croatt presented to the board the renewal of the Macbook Lease agreement.


Aitkin Schools joined into agreement with the City of Aitkin with snow removal assistance.


Next week is also an important week and Superintendent Stifter has a special message for the Aitkin School Board.


The Aitkin Public School Board will hold their next regular scheduled meeting on Monday, March 16th at the Aitkin High School Media Center.