Hill City Council Meeting from February 12th

General updates and a public hearing were of note for the City of Hill City regular council meeting Wednesday night. The meeting was originally scheduled for Tuesday night but was moved due to conflicts.

Hill City Mayor Dan Kingsley spoke with us on a public hearing for a resident who will be moving a house to a lot located at 121 Ione Avenue NW in Hill City.


Mr. Mueller plans on using the house as rental property currently. Hill City Water noted progress with the bypasses that have kept water lines from freezing at local buildings.


The Hill City Airport also began an agreement with Enbridge on manners related to the Line 3 Pipeline.


The Fire Department reported January was one the busiest months in years.


The Hill City Police Department will also be replenishing their squad car needs.


Hill City continues to compare garbage pick-up and disposal providers.


The Council did also approve the purchase of a snow bucket for City Maintenance from Titan Equipment in Duluth. The Police Chief Union contract approval was postponed to a later meeting to address language in the contract. The Council also did receive note Letter of Commendation for officer Jeff Madsen from the City of Grand Rapids for his life-saving measures in performing CPR on an individual while off-duty and attending a hockey game at the IRA Civic Center.

The next meeting for the City of Hill City Council will be held Wednesday, March 11th at 6pm