Salvation Army Coronavirus Update 3-24

Captain Joyce Curran of the Salvation Army Brainerd Lakes updated us on what they have available to those in need due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as what the Salvation Army needs to continue helping those in need in our communities.

Capt. Curran tells us that the Salvation Army has the biggest need available:

If you are needing assistance, the Salvation Army is doing all they can to eliminate close contact, and Capt. Curran also offers some words of encouragement.


Capt. Joyce also tells us what the biggest needs are in terms of what the Salvation Army needs to be able to distribute.


In addition to the financial and supply donations, the Salvation Army also has another crucial need - volunteers.


To help the Salvation Army with donations or time, or if you are in need of assistance, call them.


Again, the number for Salvation Army Brainerd Lakes is 218-829-1120. Captain Joyce also expressed that they communities and local organizations and churches have really stepped up to help those in need. 

Hear the full interview with Capt. Curran here.