Central Lakes College President talks COVID 19 and Commencement

Central Lakes President Dr. Hara Charlier spoke with us about the experiences that the staff and student body at Central Lakes College have had amid the coronavires pandemic.  


Although distance learning was brand new to area high schools, it wasn't for CLC, but there were still challenges.


President Charlier elaborates more in the full interview on rjbroadcasting.com, as the CLC programs are designed to allow students to walk during commencement even if they have courses to complete during the summer and fall. CLC only has one commencement ceremony, held in May each year. She then tells us what's in store for the 2020 commencement. 


Charlier spoke very highly of the CLC staff regarding their passion and creativity in wanting to be part of the virtual graduation. We then looked ahead for the next year to come.


Here the full interview here.