PRB Schools COVID-19 Update 4-29

Superintendent Dave Endicott of Pine River Backus Schools updates us now that distance learning will continue through the rest of the school year.


Endicott said most of what's in place will remain, with Friday May 1st and Monday May 4th used as professional development days so teachers can reboot and plan for distance learning for the remainder of the year.

A concern with distance learning is the gap between students in the same grade. Endicott says that will be an imporant evaluation.


In addition to distance learning, the PRB schools wil also continue meal distribution and daycare services for those in need.


Items that will not be happening are spring sports and prom. Endicott updates us on those as well as what so far has been discussed regarding graduation.


Pine River-Backus will also have a new Superintendent come next fall. Endicott gives us a quick update on the search as well as his future plans.


You can find more on the schools' website, prbschools.org

Hear the full interview here.