Jonathan Edwards impact musically, politically holds to this day

By Paul Vold kkinradio@embarqmail.com (6/30/20)

(International Falls, MN) --- It is very rare an individual from small-town Minnesota can have a bigger impact on an entire nation. Singer/songwriter Jonathan Edwards, Aitkin-born and raised in his early years, spoke with our sister station KSDM of International Falls on the silver anniversary of his song “Sunshine (Go Away Today)” and how it still holds merit in 2020.

Edwards spoke about his musical influences growing up.

Edwards influencers

“Sunshine” went Gold in its 1971 release while reaching #4 on the Billboard “Hot 100”, Edwards gave us the background of how it accidentally became famous.

Edwards rollover

Edwards spoke about the background and the deeper meaning of the song.

Edwards meaning

As the world was in the midst of the Vietnam War and numerous protests, Edwards’ song served as a “voice” to the people, and is still mentioned to him to this day.

Edwards meant to him

With the world continuing to protest, from Black Lives Matter to LGBTQ Pride, Edwards notes protests are “tools of the unheard” while talking about his personal experience from the 1971 Washington D.C. May Day protests.

Edwards protests

Hear the full interview with Jonathan Edwards here. We thank our colleagues at KSDM for the interview.