Financing And Ballot Questions Discussed At Blueprint 181 Information Session

The Brainerd Public School District has been holding  many informational public hearings around the area. The upcoming referendum vote deals with facilities that have been in use for an average age of 45 years. We caught up with Director of Business Services Steve Lund after Monday morning's meeting to discuss what information they are looking to get out to the public
Lund discussed how the School District  has broken down the large project and tried to identify different  financing sources that the School District has available. Lund talked about some different tiers of financing options

The monetary contributions from each "tier" respectively go like this:

27.5 million for Tier 1: Existing Funding

31.8 million for Tier 2: Existing- Board Authority (Direct tax impact)

145.7 million for Tier 3: Voter Approved (Direct tax impact)
Lund summarized the three questions on the upcoming ballot

The monthly school-related property tax increase would amount to approximately $7 on a median home. Lund also discussed why the vote is coming in April and was not on the 2017 general election

LUND 5.5
And finally, Director Lund encouraged voters to find out more online and at future information sessions.

The next information session scheduled is tonight (Tuesday) at 6:30 at Forestview Middle School in Baxter. We again thank Brainerd Public Schools Director of Business Services Steve Lund for chatting with us. The vote is coming up April 10th, with early voting beginning February 23rd. Again, more information can be found on Blueprint181.org