Brainerd City News-March 12th

After last week’s Council Meeting was postponed, Ben got to chat with Brainerd Mayor Ed Menk this week. He first discussed a proposed parking lot ordinance.


The next Council meeting will hear the second reading to determine whether that zoning change will happen or not.

Menk also talked about some city updates and upgrades


As Monday night was also the South Sixth Street Construction Business Meet-and-Greet, Mayor Menk talked about the upcoming project and some concerns.


Menk had good things to say about Project Manager Joe Cameron


You can hear more about the project from our sit-down with Joe Cameron here

Mayor Menk continued on with some congratulations for Kris Schubert


The Mayor also invited everyone to come downtown for the St. Patrick's Day Parade at 1:00 this Saturday. We thank Brainerd Mayor Ed Menk for his time as always.