Aitkin County TZD Meeting

The Aitkin County Towards Zero Death Monthly Meeting was held on Wednesday July 11th. Among the topics discussed was the upcoming 2019 road construction from the stop light in Aitkin on 169 to Hasman corner and the safety benefits that it will provide including providing a center turn lane helping at busy turn offs like the McDonald’s turn off. At the Aitkin County Fair the Aitkin TZD helped paint the Buckle Up sign on the road leaving the fair grounds, they also provided some of the materials available at the sheriff’s booth. A speed enforcement wave is currently underway with extra law enforcement happening in late August at the Howie’s Mud Bog event. The fatality total so far for the year as of Wednesday, July 11th was 165 compared to 166 same time last year noting an increased amount of fatalities in the past few weeks.