Aitkin School Board meets tonight

The Aitkin Public School District will hold their regularly scheduled Board meeting tonight at Aitkin High School at 7pm.

The Aitkin Student Council will give their reports while Jason Roos and Darla Croatt will give a presentation on a leasing opportunity for Macbooks for the District. 

New Business will include approval of Youth Service Grants for the 4th Grade Teachers, Krista Olson, Jennifer Johnson, and the Aitkin County Rivers and Lakes Fair. Approval of the Custodians contract for 2019, 2020, and 2021, an update of the Secure Entry plan, and  approval of resolution to support local decision-making authority will be included.

Superintendent Dan Stifter will discuss enrollment, city turn-around proposal, discuss job posting updates for Business manager, payroll specialist, long term substitutes for the Elementary, and a Speech/Language Pathologist for 2020-2021. Stifter will also present to the Board on the pursuit of remodeling of the West Wing of the High School. 

The Aitkin School Board meets the first and third Monday’s of each month.