Aitkin County Board approves duct work at Courthouse

The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners met for an abbreviated time Tuesday at the Aitkin Public Library to take in presentations and address changes to the continuing construction at the Aitkin County Courthouse. 

Commissioners approved Consumption and Display Permits for the Minnewawa Sportsmen's Club and the 202 Tavern, an application for Retail Sales of Cigarettes and tobacco products for the Village Pump Saloon, On-Sale 3.2% Malt Liquor and Wine Strong Beer Licenses to the Red Door Resort, and a gambling permit for Lawler Area Community Club.

The University of Minnesota Extension office led by Susanne Hinrichs, Becky Meyer and Toni Gage presented a video of local 4-H members at various age ranges and what they have accomplished.


The Extension and 4-H Programs will be having events and workshops coming in the next few weeks, visit the links on the Aitkin County website for more details. Colette Hanson and Anna Palo gave an update on the past year of the Arrowhead Transit Rural Rides Program.


Call 800-862-0175 option 4 to schedule a ride with Arrowhead Transit. Unexpected air duct work was discovered at the Aitkin County Courthouse that needs to be addressed.


The Board approved an order change of over $54,000 to improve the duct work at the Aitkin County Courthouse. During Committee updates, Commissioner J Mark Wedel brought up the latest events from the Aitkin Airport Commission meeting.


The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners is next scheduled to meet with Health and Human Services before their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 25th at 9am from the Aitkin Public Library.