Crosby City Council Meeting from Monday, February 10th

The Crosby City Council met for the first time in February on Monday. The Council did approve consent agenda items of hiring Dustin McCaleb and Michael Bertram as Volunteer Firefighters, and the resignation of Jim Goshey as a Volunteer Firefighter.

Crosby City Administrator Lisa Sova discussed with us on the contract extension with Range Disposal.


A request to terminate a breezeway agreement between the City and Robert Rocca was also discussed.


The Council also approved the purchase of 3 toughbook laptops for the Crosby Police Department. A local moving company will be aiding in the move of library materials to temporary locations.


With the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library’s roof being compromised by the winter weather, events are being moved and rescheduled.


The City Engineering Report covered the streets, highways, and recreational amenities.


The Crosby City Council is next scheduled to meet on Monday, February 24th at 6pm from the Council Chambers at City Hall.