Pine River-Backus Schools Closed Monday, Grab&Go Meals To Be Free To Students


The TigerDen Food Pantry is Open
For families facing food insecurity issues during the school closure, please know that the TigerDen food pantry is and will remain open during the school closure from 8am - 3pm M-F. If you have questions regarding hours or availability, please call us at 587-8000.

Internet Updates

As we move towards laying out plans for distance learning, PRB Schools knows that some of the families we serve do not currently have internet access at home. In an effort to help support families, we have added information on this page (lower right-hand column) for various internet and mobile service providers that are offering FREE internet options for families with K-12 children that don't currently have internet at home. 

Additionally, for those that live in an area where traditional broadband internet is not available, there is information regarding mobile carriers switching all plans to unlimited data (thus allowing families to use their phones as hotspots for wireless devices). We advise all parents to check with their providers to understand offer details and duration. As new resources become available, we will post them on this page. 

In an emergency situation, our PRB guest WIFI is now on all day and can even be accessed from the school parking lots nearest doors 33 (Circle Drive), 34, 25/26 (Early Childhood), and the New Beginnings building. 

We chatted with Pine River-Backus Schools Superintendnet Dave Endicott following word of the closure of PR-B Schools effective Monday.

The school closed starting Monday and will go through the governor's decree of March 27th and anticipates distance- or e-learning March 30th

As part of executive order 20-20, Gov. Walz has directed schools to provide free childcare for emergency workers during the two week school closure period

PRB1 Childcare

Emergency workers include providers of healthcare, emergency medical services, long-term and post-acute care, law enforcement personnel, personnel providing correctional services, public health employees, firefighters and other first responders, and court personnel.  Schools are directed to provide care to district-enrolled students of emergency workers aged 12 and under at no cost during the two-week closure period. PRB Childcare Hours of operation: 7am-5pm.

Qualifying parents should complete the form here.

There will be free meals for those who need as well.

PRB2 Meals

Grab & Go student lunches will be available in the PRB cafeteria Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm and are free to anyone age 18 or younger. 

Students should make their way to the cafeteria and await instructions so that social distancing procedures are followed.  Students may not eat lunch in the school building. 

And there will be a chance for students to pick up supplies as well starting Wednesday.

PRB3 Supplies

Full interview below:

Dave Endicott Full COVID-19