Brainerd Public Utilities Statement on COVID-19

Scott Magnuson, Superintendent of Utilities with Brainerd Public Utilities talked with us about their stances concering the public and COVID-19.

BPU has no worries about resources with the increased uses of water in their service area.


Magnuson explains the plans for those families that have had utilities disconnected or who fear they may be disconnected.


Magnuson was also asked if there were any other recommendations from B.P.U. for their customers.


In addition, Brainerd Public Utilities will be closed to in-person traffic beginning Tuesday 3/17. The organization announced on its Facebook page Monday it will also restrict interactions in the field to emergency situations only.

Customers are encouraged to use the automated pay system, web-based payments, BPU dropboxes or the service center drive-through.

These changes will be in place until further notice.

For questions or concerns, call BPU at 218-825-3200.