Aitkin County Board Chair Bill Pratt rescinding Chair Determination

In an email sent to Aitkin County Commissioners, Health and Human Services Director Cynthia Bennett, and members of the local press, Aitkin County Board Chair Bill Pratt announced that he will be rescinding his Chair Determination and allow any and all Commissioners to attend board meetings beginning May 20th, if they choose to do so.

As for attendance in the Aitkin County Government Center, the public will be limited to 10 people. If you wish to attend board meetings, contact Aitkin County Administrator Jessica Seibert and her office before 2:30pm Monday's before the meeting.

Board Chair Pratt also expects to continue to follow Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control guidelines and continue to use WebEx for the near future.

More details on WebEx call-in details can be found on the Aitkin County website.