Survey on Aitkin Riverboat Heritage Days out now!

COVID-19 is already making its mark before Summer has even officially begun just ahead of Memorial Day. County Fairs, Town Festivals, and big Summer events, have already called it a year by cancelling their 2020 activities. Aitkin Riverboat Heritage Days is currently on the fence of whether to follow suit or wait out the Governor Walz’s Orders and Restrictions. We spoke with Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Taylor Erickson on what they are actively doing to seek community feedback.

Erickson says Riverboat Days has fallen on hard times with sponsorships and lack of financial backing.

Erickson money

The Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce has devised a survey for business owners and community members to gauge their interest in Riverboat Heritage Days, while considering guidelines against COVID-19.

Erickson survey

Early feedback has seen mixed results of people wanting to attend and those concerned about their health.

Erickson results

Erickson is hoping this year will allow Riverboat Heritage Days to expand and build off past year’s momentum.

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The survey is available online.

Erickson online

Results from the survey will be discussed at the Chamber’s meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd. The Chamber will most likely make their decision on whether to hold Riverboat Heritage Days at that meeting. Riverboat Heritage Days is currently set for Friday-Sunday, July 31st, and August 1st and 2nd.