Brainerd Family YMCA Eyes Reopen, Virtual Y Ball

It's been over two months since the governor's order closing gyms and workout center went into effect, and the Brainerd Family YMCA has adjusted to needs. While providing emergency child care, the Y has been planning on getting back to regular business. Chief Executive Officer Shane Riffle filled us in on the plans.


.(As of the original posting of this article, Governor Walz had not held his press conference. An email to members sent Thursday read:

"Unfortunately, what we understood the State’s phased reopening plan to be was changed. Fitness Centers, which includes YMCA’s, are now in the Phase III part of the statewide reopening process. Our State Alliance of Y's is asking questions as we speak, but it looks like the earliest we can possibly welcome you back would be mid-June. Until then, we will continue with our work and make sure that when you return, the welcome mat will be rolled out.

During your time away, we have done everything we can to support our community in ways that were most needed, especially for emergency service workers in our community, and for the kids and families who are most vulnerable. Looking into our future, we have been able to build new partnerships and find new ways for our Y to meet the changing needs of our community in an even broader and meaningful way. We are truly proud of the work we have been doing and even more excited about the future."

Not long after we opened our emergency day 

What will be different when the Y reopens to ensure the safety of all involved?


And now that the school year is coming to a close, preparations are being made for summer day camp.


With thoughts about summertime, the Y will be in contact with the Outreach Program to serve the children in the area.


As for the Y Ball, the annual event is coming up in a virtual format. vHow are things being run online this year?


Shane had many thanks to give out.