Deerwood Council moving forward with Infrastructure Project

The Deerwood City Council held the Public Hearing on the Infrastructure while alluding to future Council meetings in person from their regular Monday meeting.

Deerwood Mayor Michael Aulie provided an update on the next step of the Infrastructure Project and City improvements.

Aulie project

The Council approved the hiring of Andrew Kayfes to the Deerwood Fire Department. The replacement of the riding lawn mower turned into a necessity.

Aulie mower

In his Mayor’s Report, Aulie touched on supporting local bars and restaurants opening.

Aulie businesses

Aulie and the Council went into further details of opening public parks.

Aulie parks

The Deerwood City Council is also looking into meeting in person on June 1st.

Aulie meeting

The Deerwood City Council is next scheduled to meet on June 1st at 6pm from the Deerwood Auditorium.